verso l'alto  —  to the heights

Two Cities.

Two Conferences.

One Epic February.

A Road Trip That Could Change Your Life

We all want to leave a legacy. To make our mark. To accept the challenge. To reach new heights. We all want to leave a lasting impact on our chapters, and we all want to grow both as the individuals and leaders we’re called to be.

What will your legacy be?

This February, join us for a weekend in Atlanta or Kansas City for Legacy 2018, two conferences just for collegiate fraternity and sorority members across the country. Legacy 2018 calls all those who wonder if God even exists, if it’s worth it to live out your faith in college and how to be real and true to yourself and your dreams in the Greek system.

With dynamic speakers, great music and two fun cities, Legacy 2018 will give you an opportunity to meet brothers and sisters across the country who can join you on this journey.

Let’s come together to discover the eternal legacy we can leave.