SLS16: Spread the Gospel Like Wildfire!

During the 2016 FOCUS Student Leadership Summit, as more than 2,000 students worked together to teach each other the essentials of campus evangelization, one conference attendee exclaimed: “This is the New Evangelization in action!”

Early in January, SLS16 invited more than 3,400 total attendees (including students, missionaries, staff, chaplains, alumni, benefactors and more) to Dallas, Texas, for a five-day training conference. The top college student leaders from campuses across the U.S. came to learn about and to train their peers in how to pray, how to lead Bible studies and how to disciple others in the faith. The training was interactive, collaborative and hands-on, giving student leaders the tools and the confidence to spread the gospel like wildfire upon their return to campus.

“At SLS, I was able to learn a concept, such as Ignation prayer, in the morning during the Training Sessions, then solidify it in my mind by teaching it to my peers in the afternoon in the Power Sessions,” said Adam Sanchez, a sophomore at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. “It inspired me to see the vibrancy of the Church among my peers and grow in hope for our future.”

Student leaders, missionaries, alumni, chaplains and benefactors came to hear featured speakers such as Curtis Martin, Dr. Edward Sri, Dr. Jonathan Reyes, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Sr. Bethany Madonna, Patrick Lencioni, Jennifer Fulwiler and surprise guest speaker Rick Santorum share on the vital importance of prayer and evangelization in today’s world. Christian artist and five-time Grammy® nominee Matt Maher inspired attendees with music and his own witness to the faith.

While SLS unfolded, those attending the conference shared their experiences through social media. Here is what SLS attendees were saying during these powerful five days:


+3,000 students learning and teaching each other how to be an affective, active presence of Christ's love on campus. To think...this started as 1 Bible study, 20 years ago. #SLS16 #SpreadTheFire #SpiritualMultiplication

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"Before SLS I didn't know how articulate my faith, or when was the right time to evangelize. What I'm going to take back to campus is the ability not only to learn strategies to grow in my own relationship with God but to spread that to everyone I encounter." Mary Kathryn, University of Illinois #SLS16 #SpreadTheFire

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"Heroes don't wait for permission to help, they see someone in need and they act." - @frmikeschmitz #SLS16

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"Don't be surprised that you're a hypocrite. It's the calling card. It's the prerequisite to being a saint; you were once a sinner." @therealmattmaher #SLS16 #SaintsAndSinners #BeSaints

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Down in Adoration Falling... #SLS16

Posted by FOCUS-The Fellowship of Catholic University Students on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Confession was scheduled to end at 8:00pm. This is the line at 1:30 IN THE MORNING. #MercyNeverSleeps #SLS16

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This just happened at #SLS16. Steve Pries' version of Hello by Adele.

Posted by Lisa Cotter on Sunday, January 3, 2016

FOCUS’ next conference, SEEK2017, will be held on January 3 – 7, 2017, in San Antonio.

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