It's called Love Life

"The Gospel of God's love for man, the Gospel of the dignity of the person and the Gospel of Life are a single and indivisible Gospel.” –Blessed John Paul II (Evanglium Vitae)

Have you seen or heard anything about the new developments that FOCUS is launching this year as part of our Love Life initiative? Many of the students on campus wrestle with the moral issues that affect the dignity of human life (and nearly half of crisis pregnancies take place on the college campus). We are responding to this need in a way that serves students through our mission.

There are so many pro-life organizations, and rather than reinvent the wheel we are joining forces! FOCUS will be providing the finest pro-life training for our staff and student leaders by partnering with the Sisters of Life – a religious community of women whose main charism is “to protect and enhance the sacredness of human life.” The Sisters of Life live and work in New York City, and are one of the fastest growing religious communities in the country.

The Sisters provide an extensive training, one that will equip attendees to receive the full vision of what it means to be pro-life and walk away with awesome skills that make it possible to respond to someone in need on campus. The Sisters of Life are also teaming up with FOCUS to develop a mobile app that will offer quick resources for missionaries and students alike.

Additionally, our other big project this year is creating a “Gospel of Life” Bible and Encyclical Study. This formation will empower the students who will be studying and discussing by helping them gain greater knowledge regarding Catholic teaching. Various moral issues tend to confuse college students because of our cultural climate today. Our goal is provide a greater understanding of these issues in the context of the sacredness of human life by taking a deep look at Scripture and the guidance of Blessed John Paul II in Evangelium Vitae.

By concentrating on communicating the dignity of the human person, the Love Life Initiative will further help college students to know Christ Jesus, and to fulfill His great commission by first living and then communicating the fullness of life within the family of God, the Church.

For more information, please visit the Love Life webpage.

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